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I know all the excitement has worn off for a lot of people, but here's my review anyhow...

You know that feeling of eagerly anticipating an event and then when that event comes around, it actually wasn't as promising as you thought it would be? Yeah, that's how I sorta felt with GOF. I knew I shouldn't have read all those reviews, watched all those clips, looked at all those pictures... but, hey, is it my fault Australia is stupid for showing the film TWO weeks after the release in USA/UK for no reasonable reason? No, it's not... Anyway, I still enjoyed it, just not as much as I thought I would.

I loved the Quidditch world scenes. Starting when Ron said "bloody hell" about Hermione seeing him in bed until Mr Weasley walking up to Ginny after the QWC in the tent and telling them they need to get out of there.

I don't understand why Hermione was so pissy and forceful with "WAKE UP! WAKE UP, RONALD!". Gawd, lay off him. You're not so much of a morning person yourself judging by that tone. Anyway. Rupert and his muscles. drool.

Probably my fav line in the whole movie was when Mr Weasley, Mr Diggory and Cedric were floating down to the ground and Mr Weasley says, "I bet that cleared your sinuses, ay?". Just the way he said it. LOL. Genius.

I liked all the "Ron, get out of the kitchen, we're all hungry" and "feet off the table" when they entered their tent; really shows the awesome-ness that is the Weasleys. LOVED, LOVED the part about Ron saying Krum's an artist. SO FREAKIN HILARIOUS with the twins saying stuff like "dumb Krum" and grunting about like apes. I also liked how they were doing an irish jig or something. Bonnie Wright says the "I think you're in love, Ron" line so well. She's a cutie.

Loved the part where Ron said "bloody hell" about the Beaubatons girls' butts. BUT they cut out that scene where Hermione goes, "for crying out loud" and Ron says, "I love it when they do that" "Do what?" "You know... walk together" (it was from a behind the scenes clip and wish had kept it in).

HATED when Hermione was telling the twins why their Ageing potion wasn't going to work. She was like, "because UH! closes book UH! blah blah potion dimwitted UH!" What's with all the fake 'UH!' outbursts? The twins in this were great, though. I liked how they jumped from the bench and into circle of the age line.

LOVED Ron's serious/sexy look when Harry's name came out of the goblet. AWWWed at Ron's "piss off" with Harry just looking at him.

Laughed at Barty Crouch's "OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoh" when Krum got the chinese fireball thingy dragon. The dragon scene was a bit too long for me; I could have counted the grey hairs of the person sitting in front of me... but I didn't.

Even though that little Nigel boy isn't even a real character in, he's a little cutie especially when Ron was nudging him away when he wanted Harry's autograph. I also liked it when Malfoy slapped his beanie down his head in the 2nd task. buahah.

The only scenes after that that I really liked was from Ron dancing with McGonagall and then up to the Yule Brawl. Felt for Neville when he got up to dance and when he was practicising in the dorm. I also liked the background music during this. baha I actually noticed it. Funny how Ron and Harry are looking for dates and a whole bunch of girls turn around and give them dirties then the boys just hurry away. lol.

It was funny how after Cho rejected Harry and then called his name out, Harry came RUNNING. lol.

LOVED when Ron came into the common room after asking fleur. Such a good actor, Rupert is. Disliked the way Hermione said, "No, of course" when Harry asked Ron what Fleur said when he asked her out. Hermione might be jealous but it sorta seemed to me that she thought Fleur was well out of Ron's league; even if she is, you don't go saying "no, of course" when clearly he's feeling dejected as it is. Was that supposed to be a Ron/Hermione moment? ...oops butchered that a bit. Oh, and did you hear all the background comments that Ron was saying while Harry was staring after the Patil Twins said hello to him. It was so funny. Something about how he liked looking at the Beauxbatons from behind. haha.

Yule Ball was pretty good. Harry/Dan can't dance haha. Ginny looked gorgeous. Weird that there was a mosh pit.

2nd task was done pretty good as well. I didn't think Cho's doll looked like her. Neither with Ron's.

Cedric seemed like a bastard in the maze - pushing and shoving and yelling at Harry to get off him. I think they made his character a little cocky. But, hey, he's hot.

Graveyard scene... Voldemort has no nose, eh? Fair enough. Ralph Fiennes was great. Got teary when Harry and Dead!Cedric portkeyed back to Hogwarts. I didn't actually cry, though. I thought I would. But Mr Diggory made me so sad. You can really feel his pain.

Wished they showed more Cho/Cedric.

Surprisingly there wasn't as much H/Hr in the film; I heard most of it was cut - which is good, don't see why there was stuff in the first place. I understand the hug and everything was brotherly/sisterly whatever (but they didn't step away from each other as quickly as they should've when Rita Skeeter caught them...maybe Dan and Emma enjoyed the hug a bit too much). The kiss after the 2nd task? Hermione kissed him too high on his head for me to consider that romantic. With the scene on the bridge with both of them talking and Cedric came to talk to Harry, there is a shot of Hermione looking down and sad for being interrupted and I thought she would have been annoyed and give an eye-roll for being interrupted, not sad as if "daym, Harry, I was just about to kiss you."

Even if there wasn't much H/Hr, there wasn't enough R/Hr. They could've put more little moments throughout, not just one whole big emotional scene of jealousy at the Yule Ball.


Dan was good. The only line I really liked from him is just before the second task and Neville says, "You look a bit tense/nervous/whatever" and Harry says, "Do I?" I don't know why I liked it.

Emma... I dunno. I just think that throughout the whole movie she had always had a stoney/angry face. When she was supposed to look worried, she looked angry. When she was supposed to be pensive, she looked angry. When she was supposed to be annoyed, she looked angry. When she was supposed to be disappointed, she looked angry. When she was supposed to look happy, she looked a bit angry. When Viktor Krum was giving her all these significant looks, she was staring at him with such a stoney face, like when he put his name in the Goblet. And her eyebrows shitted me. Especially in "everything's going to change now, isn't it?".

Rupert... HANDS DOWN THE BEST ACTOR IN THE MOVIE. He's just so natural. Even with the littlest things, he doesn't exaggerate... like when he was getting his money from his pocket when the lady with the lolly trolley came. SO CUTE when he was muttering "bloody hell"s in front of the mirror in his dress robes before the Yule Ball. I love him. He's just brilliant. I love him.

I suppose GOF is my fave movie out of all of them. But I still really like POA (even though the H/Hr kills me). POA was so artsy with all the fade in and out of black and I prefer that than one scene that immediately cuts to another and another.

I so shouldn't have spoiled myself rotten about the film before it actually came out.

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